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Paris au mois d'août... L'épouse est en vacances... Le mari redevient célibataire... Arrive la tiny étrangère... Ce superbe fantasme devient réalité grâce à l'imagination fertile grâce à l'imagination de Claude Bernard-Aubert... Septembre arrive... Serait-ce la fin d'une belle histoire d'amour ? Non, c'en est une autre qui commence...

Lenght: 01:14:18

Year: 1981

Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert

Starring: Dominique Aveline Jane Baker Norbert Ciret Laura Clair Thierry de Brem Catherine Greiner Richard Lemieuvre France Lomay Ulrike Maas Claude Montal Carmelo Petix Guy Roger Nadine Roussial Guy Royer Hélène Shirley Piotr Stanislas Anne Veruska

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Lucky stud gets to put his cock into to pussys attached to some hot babes

This filthy hoe is out hitting the bars because he has been craving some cock. Tonight she receives fuckmeat and beaver because she ends up in some wicked orgy action. As she is getting her coochie porked from behind, she is licking the muff of the other slut. Both of these filthy bitches switch off so that by the time the night ends, they have gotten their snatch's licked and porked hard. This is one lucky dude as he receives his rod sucked and receives to pork two wicked hottys that want to get their snatch's slammed.

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An invisible power has cum out of the sky and has fucked over an elevator in an office building. Everyone who steps into this elevator is overcum by this special power and has an overwhelming desire to fuck! Watch a naughty bisexual orgy and many more naughty women get pounded like crazy!

Lenght: 01 h 25 min 35 sec

Year: 1986

Director: Richard Mailer

Starring: Joanna Storm Candie Evans Keli Richards Natasha Skyler Stacey Donovan Francois Papillon Frank James Randy West Ray Wells Scott Irish Tom Byron

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This picture shows you a typical day in the life of a girl in the 80's.  Things start out with good intentions, but the booze receives flowing and the clothes come off and soon, this naughty blondes hairy twat is being banged excellent and hard by this black mans huge cock!

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When women had real bushes and guys had dicks the weight of cucumbers! From the days of yesteryear when porn first began, and housewives seeking a thrill flocked to the Valley to be in movies. These chosen few were the first true "no experience necessary" amaterus.

Lenght: 01 h 45 min 47 sec

Year: 1980

Director: Wild Bill

Starring: Don Fernando Jesse Adams

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Pixie haired babe with huge tits gets her ass pounded

This hotty is naughty and lets the dude know that she is with a she lifts up her dress, moves her thong aside so that he can get a good look at her twat. Besides having a clean shaven cunt, this babe has a huge set of juggs. She takes his pants down, grabs his schlong and goes to town gobbling his knob. He may have liked the view of her cunt, but when it comes to fucking this honey, he is going straight for the rear end. He fucks this sweetheart in quite a few positions, ramming his beef stick into her naughty booty before shooting his cum all over her beaver.

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Jonathan Morgan stars as the producer of a late night talk show who's at his wit's end in this fast-paced 1993 play. It seems that Morgan's got a show but no host -- the host has disappeared just as the program is about to go on the oxygen. Meanwhile, Morgan's already hired a band to play at the show. He catches a break when the band's two daft roadies Beaver and Buttcheeks (Tara Monroe and Rebecca Bardoux) offer to host the show. Tara and Rebecca really chew the scenery here, delving into plenty of ridiculously dopey dialogue that calls to mind the cartoon from which they're stolen the title. The gals' first guest turns out to be keeper Kim Chambers, who brings on wet boy Tom Byron. They (of course) get down and dirty right there on the talk show set, startling the hosts and getting the proceedings off on a raunchy foot. Next, ambulance chasing lawyer Jim Enright brings on multiple-injury case Marc Wallice. Jim bails when he sees a potential client, leaving Wallice to take on Tara in a scorching segment. Breasty bad slut Wednesday also shines when given the chance, hooking up with Morgan himself in a passionate early scene that's the flick's best. A excellent, goofy sexvid that delivers lots of action and a fair few laughs in the process.

Lenght: 01:21:34

Year: 1993

Director: Jim Enright

Starring: Kim Chambers Micki Lynn Rebecca Bardoux Tara Monroe Wednesday Jace Rocker Jonathan Morgan Marc Wallice Ron Jeremy Steven St. Croix Tom Byron

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Exotic babes with nice tits in the 1930's

Some countries have a tendecy to be pretty straight laced and conservative about nudity, especially back in th 30′s but you will find exotic babes from a multitude of countries that dont mind baring their tit. There are some fine African, polynesian, indian and other beauties that are baring their tit. These tatas are so excellent and perky that you just want to reach out and touch them. Some cultures have their women bare breasted and their boobs are out all the time. Boobs are great, no matter the country.

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Latina babe gets her ass and pussy pounded by Peter Norths Cock

You know that when you are in a scene with Peter North, you are definitely going to get your holes filled with knob. Peter has a excellent big and long shlong and he shoves it down Jeannie’s mouth to being with then rams it hard into her muff. He receives this sweetheart on her hands and knees and thrusts his meat stick into her beaver in doggy style. He goes from her muff to her rump as he slowly thrusts his cock into her naughty hole. Once he is balls deep, he pounds away at her arse before going back to her juicy muff and then shooting his juice all over both holes.

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50's era babes with huge tits

No matter what the era, you will always come across a excellent selection of boobies. These honeys just happen to be from the 50′s and they are sporting some excellent big jugs. There is a variety of big tit from big nipples to small nipples and even some puffy nipples too. One thing is for sure, no matter the weight or shape if you love tit, these ladies will surely be a pleasure to see. These jugs may be from another era but tit are still tit and these sweethearts wear them well.

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