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Latina babe gets her pussy pounded and fucks her guys cock between her tits

This scene starts off with this cute Latina hotty getting her cunt pounded from behind. He lays down on the bed as she crawls in between his legs and goes down on him. This is some major cock licking as she takes his whole length deep into her mouth and he is pretty big in length. They switch positions as she lays on her back, and he receives between her legs and rams his meat stick into her vagina as she wraps her legs around his thighs to get him deeper. He pulls out his knob, straddles her waist and thrust his cock between her big boobies and then shoots his spunk all over her jugs and mouth.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: October 16, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

Lesbian babes rub their pussys against each other

Kudos to whomever created sheer bra’s and thong so you can see the hooters and nipples and especially the snatch. Brunette babe kisses and sucks on the blondes boobs and rubs her hand up and down her body. She then receives down in between her legs and licks her snatch like there is no tomorrow. Then these two cute babes go twat to snatch. They rubs each others snatch's up and down on the other and finger their labia at the same time.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: October 14, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

Meet Jessica, a sweet beautiful woman with a lot going for her, including a handsome and caring boyfriend. Meet Andy, Jessica's best friend, attractive in his own right, but who seems to be cursed with always being dumped by chicks only to be told: "You're a really excellent dude, let's be friends." Determined to find the woman of his dreams, Andy decides no more Mr. excellent dude, since it seems that most women want dicks and not "excellent" guys for friend and heads out into the world to find his true love. What Andy soon discovers though is that being true to who you are, will lead you in the right direction and where you least expect it, you just might find that true love was right in front of you the whole time. True Love, love can be found in the most unlikely places

Lenght: 01:11:45

Year: 1989

Director: Paul Thomas

Starring: April West Barbara Dare Debi Diamond Jacqueline Bret True Eric Price

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: October 10, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

Pixie haired babe with huge tits gets her ass pounded

This sweetheart is naughty and lets the dude know that she is with a she lifts up her dress, moves her thong aside so that he can get a good look at her beaver. Besides having a clean shaven gash, this virgin has a huge set of boobies. She takes his pants down, grabs his beef stick and goes to town licking his cock. He may have liked the view of her gash, but when it comes to fucking this cutie, he is going straight for the booty. He fucks this babe in quite a few positions, ramming his cock into her naughty rear before shooting his man gravy all over her beaver.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: October 07, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

Well, Anal Annie is at it again. In the first episode of the Anal Annie series, our infamous dark haired bombshell shown the delights of anal love to several filthy housewives. In this episode, she encounters a number of couples, one of which is having problems getting it on. The man meets Annie, and is instructed in the fine art of anal seduction. Quite by accident, his wife is also shown to Annie and is seduced. Neither the man nor the wife know that the other has seen Annie until that night when both return home with one of Annie's adult vibrator. They ravish each other's bodies as never before. Once again, Annie has fulfilled her mission.

Lenght: 01:18:41

Year: 1985

Director: Charles De Santos

Starring: Nina Hartley Richard Pacheco Karen Summer Dan T. Mann Blair Harris Yoko Wong

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: October 04, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

Blonde hottie gets her pussy and mouth stuffed with cock at same time

This dark haired cutie is going to get her fuckhole and mouth filled with shlong at the same time. She has two nasty guys that are licking and playing with her tatas and another that is playing with her wicked box. She reaches in and grabs each guys shaft, takes turns as she sucks their peckers. While she is licking the knob of one of the guys, the other is ramming his shlong into her wicked box. They each take turn fucking her mouth and her snatch with their rod and they switch up quite often into different positions.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: October 01, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

Asian babe with huge tits gets her pussy filled with cock

Now this is something you don’t see very often; massively big boobs on a slim Asian sweety. The dude seems to quite enjoy the weight of her tremendous titties when he comes up behind her and grabs what he can in his hands. He comes around to her site, she unzips his pants and goes down on him. She lays down on a chair on her fantasy and he thrusts his shlong into her snatch. She receives bang bent over, she rides his rod and receives pounded flat on her before before she sucks his knob once again and he shoots his load of splooge all over her huge knockers.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: September 28, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

It's tough assignment, but someone's got to do it! A beautiful TV news reporter takes her camera crew undercover (so to speak) and receives the lusty low-down on people's sexual fantasies for the evening new. From A to Z, the variety of human erotic stimulation is an eye-opening, mind-blowing experience. Featuring Kandi Barber, Laurien Dominique, Kathy Adair, Serena and Kyoto, that Japanese typhoon of torrid Oriental orality, no sexual act goes undone! The news at eleven was never like this. So don't change that dial!

Lenght: 01:26:42

Year: 1980

Director: Clair Dia

Starring: Loni Sanders Kandi Barbour Serena Jamie Gillis Paul Thomas Cris Cassidy Laurien Dominique Kyoto Sun Cathy Adair Mimi Morgan Richard Pacheco Valerie Adair Dolores Tenorio Susan Adie John Seeman Ken Scudder Jon Martin Blair Harris

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: September 25, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

Babes in twos and threes show off their tits

Vintage hottys are wild when they are a solo act but when you have two that are showing off their juggs, its even hotter. Its true when they say not two pair of breast look alike and you can see all the different varities as you see these vintage honeys posing. They got boobies to boobies, back to back and even standing on their face. There is one vintage sweetheart that has a huge set of breast that put the others to shame . These honeys don't show much cunt or rear but they sure have not qualms about showing off their titties.

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Hot classic retro porn posted on: September 22, 2016 by vintage loving Maria

Brunette honey gets a cock in her pussy and ass

A petite champagne, a few puffs on a cigerella and then cock buried deep in hot babes gash and buttocks. He spreads her hairy cunt wide as he licks and kisses his way from her thighs to her clit. They stand as he buries his knob into her buttocks and then into her coochie. He bends her over and is buttocks fucking time once again. She straddles his lap and buries his cock in her rear end and he takes turns ramming his schlong into her rump and twat. They finish up with her getting a huge load of goo shot all over her mouth.

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